Превключване, Защита и Задвижване на Двигатели

Контактори DILM до 2600А

Contactors suitable for a wide range of applications, complete devices and contactor combinations

Електронни моторни стартери EMS

Multi-functional motor starter for DOL start, Reversing start, Motor protection, Emergency stop

Децентрализирани задвижвания Rapid Link 4.0

Decentralised motor starters – the new generation of flexibility

Защитни релета за мотори

From attractively priced bimetal options to full motor protection with networking options, Eaton offers the right solution for every application.

Сглобени моторни стартери MSC

Motor starter combinations with PKZ and PKE enable integration into the automation environment via SmartWire-DT.

Софт стартери DS7 и S801+/S811+

Soft starters offer the gentle alternative for almost every application for judder free and power network protected motor starts.

Честотни регулатори SLX/SVX/SPX до 1800kW

SVX9000 and SPX9000 – ideal for sophisticated applications

Честотни регулатори DE1 до 7,5kW

DE1 - Variable speed has never been so easy

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