Контрол и визуализация

Модулни и компактни PLCs

Highly scalable design and easy integration distinguish the XC series while EC4P series combines a PLC and control relay for small to medium-sized control tasks

Релета за мониторинг и управление

Timing Relays , Time Switches , Measuring and Montoring Relays approved worldwide

Контролни релета Easy

The easy500/700 and easy800 combine many functions in just one device. Together, they form the easyRelay family – a universal system which features common programming software and simple operati

Контролни pелета за безопасност easySafety

Moeller® series During machine-based manufacturing, a range of safety-related components such as position switches or Emergency-Stop switches are used to guarantee the safety of man and machine

Релета за безопасност ESR5

The potential hazards of machine movement must be reliably managed. The Eaton ESR5 safety relay monitors safety devices such as Emergency-Stop buttons, safety guards, light curtains and two-hand

HMI/PLC дисплей

HMI/PLC with touch display: systematic visualization and control. Display sizes from 3.5" to 15", device versions in plastic, metal or stainless steel, resistive or infra-red touch techn

Модулна I/O система XI/ON

Slice-card-based modular I/O systems with gateways to communicate using standard fieldbus systems complement the control components into a flexible system solution.

SmartWire-DT: Gateways, Входно изходни I/O модули

SmartWire-DT gateways for various standard fieldbus systems and I/O modules for digital and analogue inputs/outputs

Софтуер за автоматизация

Software/Tools for visualization and project design

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