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Прибори за управление RMQ-Titan

Whether at the control desk, in suspended operator panels or in the control panel, RMQ-Titan® is ideal for control circuit devices for machine and panel building. As well as the attractive and e

Сигнални кули SL7 и SL4

Bright, loud, rugged, fast, efficient, versatile, and unmistakable With their bright LED technology, the new signal towers SL7 and SL4 increase awareness of machine states as well as boosting per

Електронни крайни изключватели LS-Titan

Position switches are the connecting element between machine and control. Eaton is a pioneer in the field of position switches.

Механични крайни изключватели LS-Titan

Modular design. Maintenance-free and vibration protected cage- clamp terminals. Freely combinable base types with different switching contacts facilitate different operating heads

Позиционни датчици (сензори)

Sensors are the interface between man and machine. Eaton offers a comprehensive range of inductive and photoelectric sensors. Thanks to its high degree of protection, optimum and reliable use, e

Пресостати MCS

Pressure switches are control devices used to monitor the pressure of liquid and gaseous material in installations. The switches monitor pressure levels and convert the information into an elect

Safety крайни изключватели

Safety components reliably monitor protective guards, doors and covers. Their multi-coded actuators ensure that they provide a high degree of protection against tampering. Equipped with double-b

Пакетни превключватели тип Р и тип Т до 315А

Rotary switches T and switch disconnectors P are used in industry, trade and building automation. The high-performance, robust and compact switchgear is available in many standard configurations

Малки напълно изолирани кутии CI-K

Moeller® series The new small enclosures CI-K are optimally suited for distributed switching and automation devices at any site. Providing protection against environmental influences, lower ins

Прибори за управление RMQ-16

Moeller® series Complete information in a small area

RMQ compact

Simple. Reliable. Compact.

M22-SWD potentiometers and M22-SWD encoders

M22-SWD potentiometers and M22-SWD encoders enable users to quickly and easily make manual adjustments with SmartWire-DT systems.

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