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Миниатюрни автоматични прекъсвачи МСВ

An electrical switch for residential (xPole series) as well as industrial (xEffect series) applications.

Други инсталационни устройства и аксесоари

Accessories for RCDs/MCBs Controlling and Switching Busbar Systems Fuse Devices Measuring Instruments SWD-Connection

Solar Switches

Photovoltaic switchgear – From small houses to large-scale systems

Контролер за автоматично включване на резервата АВР

Transfer Switch-Controller ATS-C Microprocessor-controlled power switching system for automatic or manual switching

IZMX Въздушни автоматични прекъсвач АСВ

Air Circuit Breakers – 'Series NRX': Highest performance in a minimum of space

Апарати за защита от пренапрежение

Surge Protection Device Moeller® series The cost-effective way to combat disruption or damage to sensitive electronic equipment due to surge-related events, keeping the equipment and the related

Автоматични прекъсвачи лят корпус MCCB's

Moulded Case Circuit Breakers: Switching, Protection, Communication

Дефектнотокови защити

The device is dedicated for residential and commercial (xPole series), as well as industrial use (xEffect series)

Автоматични прекъсвачи с вградена ДТЗ

Combined RCD/MCB 1+N – xPole residential and commercial series Moeller® series High-quality residual current device / miniature circuit breaker combination, line voltage-independent breaking

XNH Прекъсвачи за стопяеми вложки NH

With the new generation of XNH fuse-switch disconnectors, Eaton provides a device series which has even more safety functions than required by standard IEC/EN 60947-3.

Bussmann Стопяеми предпазители

The Bussmann brand is the industry standard for circuit protection on more than 50,000 SKUs of electrical and electronic fuses, fuse holders, power distribution blocks

Прекъсвачи и стопяеми вложки NH серия Bussmann

Eaton's Bussmann series NH fuse links use the latest technology to provide class leading fuse link performance and reliable indication.

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