Пакетни и товарови прекъсвачи до 3150А

Товарови прекъсвачи Dumeco до 3150А

Safe switching and disconnecting up to 3150 A with excellent short-circuit making capacities

Dumeco DC Товарови прекъсвачи тип DDC до 1250А

This new robust range, with ratings of 800 A, 1000 A and 1250 A, 1000 V DC, safely transports the generated energy and provides reliable isolating to ensure the safe operation of your installati

Прекъсвачи комбинирани със стопяеми предпазители QSA

Type QSA flexible Fused Combination Switches in 3P- configurations with optional switched and solid neutral. Eaton's K-Line range of knobs and handles can be universally applied

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